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Belzona Coating Services

We are Belzona Approved Applicators with Belzona trained technicians.

Our preparation, application and curing facilities are dedicated to these high integrity coatings, which are capable of withstanding the most demanding of abrasive, erosive or corrosive environments.

Centrifuges often operate with aggressively abrasive or erosive fluids and slurries. Belzona resin coatings properly applied, can successfully outperform the parent materials and withstand the high 'G' forces to give long term successful solutions. As such we have customers in mining, marine, process, agricultural, automotive and naval applications.

Also used to change surface characteristics in raising or lowering surface friction, we can enhance fluid performance and efficiency, typically within centrifugal devices, such as pumps.

Where considerable expenditure is then applied to motor efficiency improvement within pumping installations, pump efficiencies are often neglected, particularly as performance can significantly degrade over time. We can arrange pump efficiency testing, provide a recommendation report and cost benefit analysis to carry out pump upgrades, all within realistic workings and really good payback periods. For larger installations, real time performance monitoring is a valuable tool for keeping energy costs under control.

Our ceramic coatings are based on the Norton ROKIDE process, and have some of the highest hardness commercially available. These can be ground to surface finishes suitable for wearing sleeves and similar components where resistance to wear is paramount.

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