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Centrifuge Remanufacturing

Vertical/Horizontal Centrifuges

GTJones has a wealth of experience in the field of centrifuge repairs and enhancements, having serviced many vertical (disc-stack) and horizontal (decanter) centrifuges for the local kaolin companies over the past 10 years, performing not only repairs but also a program of improvements to enhance performance and prolong service life. Typical enhancements we have incorporated include:

  • Restoration of scroll (conveyer screw)/Bowl clearances to maximise efficiency.

  • Hard facing of scroll (conveyer screw) flights and other high wear areas.

  • Replacement of broken scroll (conveyer screw) flights or vanes.

  • Retiling of scroll (conveyer screw) flights with either carbide or ceramic tiles.

  • Design of ceramic coated sleeves for seal diameters improving service life significantly.

  • Ceramic or Belzona coating of vertical centrifuge bowls to prolong life.

  • Dynamic balancing (typically to G1).

  • Geometric checking and correction of shafts, Spigot diameters, Scrolls (conveyer screw) and Bowls, increasing running efficiency and bearing life.

  • As well as our standard repair enhancement procedures in 2006 we were contracted to complete a large project for a global minerals company to refurbish and upgrade 4 large decanter type centrifuges of the old international combustion type “Dynocone” design for their new refinery. This involved the design and manufacture of 4 new scrolls (conveyer screws) and overhead motor mounting frames.

    Centrifuge Remanufacturing

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