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Jet Pump Eductor 63mm/2.5

Pump > Jet Pump Eductor
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63mm(2.5") Jet Pump Eductor

Its great virtue is that there are NO moving parts.

The Jet Pump Eductor utilises the Kinetic Energy from a jet of fluid to induce a flow of liquids or slurries and even high concentrations of certain solids.

A wide variety of sizes can be configured to suit specific applications.

A specific flow rate on a typical application:

180litres/min @ a differential pressure of 2 Bar will transport a minimum of 100kg/minute of media.
SG 2.6
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Jet Pump Eductor 63mm/2.5 Pump > Jet Pump Eductor
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Further Information:
Flanges Carbon Steel
Body 316 Stainless Steel
Nozzles Hot cast Polyurethane
Motive 63mm PN16
Suction Inlet 50mm PN16
Delivery 63mm PN16
Pressure Equipment Classification SEP
Motive water 4barG
Suction Water saturated media - 30L/min, spherical media at 3-6mm, SG 2.65, Positive head
Delivery 1.25 barG, 210L/min
This eductor has been tested at the above conditions. Pressure and slurry consistency variables will either enhance or diminish these flow rates.
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