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80mm Hand Monitor

Monitor > 80 Hand Monitor & Spares
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80mm nozzle

A stationary pressure jet supported by a baseplate with holding down bolts, which can be articulated through horizontal and vertical arces. This enables pressurised water at high velocity to washdown and slurrify resides, effluent, or other retained media from surfaces, such as tankers used for transporting waste.

These monitors are also used in mineral extraction duties where the process calls for the kinetic energy of a water jet to breakdown and slurrify minerals, most typical in the English China Clay extractive industries.

The associated pumps will depend on the nozzle size and pressure required, which typically for this equipment is up to 200 cu metres/hr at 6-10 bar.

The quality of a water jet in air deteriorates rapicly beyond distance of 100 x nozzle diameter, so the monitor should be positioned reasonably close to the work, to ensure washing efficiency.

Great emphasis is placed on Operator Safety both in terms of the water jet, and expecially if there are any entrained debris which can ricochet or bounce back out of the danger zone.
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80mm Hand Monitor Monitor > 80 Hand Monitor & Spares
Further Information:
Title Monitor - 80mm
Purpose Hydraulic Mining – surface working – water jetting
Description Monitor of the loop type with hydraulic actuation in vertical and horizontal plane fitted with stone grids and polyurethane nozzle linings. ECLP type. Skid mounted.
Materials Stainless steel for wetted parts of rotary joints, and streamformer
Finish Primed and finish painted
Max Operating Pressure 24 bar.
Test Pressure (hydrostatic) 36 bar.
Fluid Water (density 1000kg/m3)
Temperature Ambient
Connecting Entry Flange BS 10 Table H or as specified
(6” N.B.)
Approx Weight (Mass) 800 Kg
External Dimensions (shipping) 1.7mL x 1.5W x 1.4 mH
Actuation Hydraulic cylinders with hose terminating in quick – release couplings (4No ) on retaining clamps. Operating pressure 850psi. (max)
Control Remote control by hand or solenoid valves in a control cabin via external ½” bore flexible hoses (R.1.T.) x 30m long.
Valve to Water Main Proprietary shut off valve capable of slow/ controlled opening and closing to be fitted to monitor entry flange. To be supplied & fitted by customer.
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